Things i built 2013


I just asked myself, what did i do with my spare time 2013??? Heres the answer. Some of these Modules you will see 2014 as Kits – like TRIPLES, TRIDENT, the green Sequencer to the right and of course the Bernoulli Gate – some of them will remain one offs. And most likely you will see some other Ideas in the Pipeline……



Its been a while since the last post…. i have been busy to lay the foundation for the upcoming series of modules ill publish starting with TRIPLES:

Triples Panel

TRIPLES is a full digital triple LFO, faithfully recreating the blurry 8 Bit LFO shapes from the early digital synths that made them sound so rich.

TRIPLE offers a variety of different Waveforms for each LFO

• RampUp
• RampDown
• Triangle
• Square
• Sine
• ZigZag
• SampleNHold
• StaticVoltage
• Off

Each LFO swings 10Vpp from -5V to +5V, Frequency is from 0,25Hz up to 30 Hz

TRIPLES is available as Kit only, Building Instructions can be found here
The kit includes all parts to build a Module, including the Panel, so all you need is a bit of solder, Tools and 2 Hours of your time. The manual is here

Price for the Kit is 99€ including 19% German VAT for EU inhabitants, outside EU its 85,50€, Shipping Worldwide as registered Mail uninsured is 9€ (germany is 4€), the first Batch is available now. Drop me a line when interested.

Ill update this Post with a link to the Manual and Videos asap – check back!

Bleeps & Blurps

Quick and dirty Jam with a Mutable Instrument Braids for the Vocal Sounds, Frequencycentral Waverider for Bass, EMU Procussion triggered from a Mutable Instuments Grids via a DIY Trigger> MIDI Converter.

All Notes & Filter Modulations are made with 3 GREEN SEQUENCERs, Braids’ Timbre and Color heavily modulated with 2 RED LFOs all running tempo locked and phase shifted.

The Delay Effect for the Vocal sounds is generated by the 5 Stage Envelope, the thingie with the 4 Blue LEDs.




Being a Modularist for almost 2 Months i refined all my LFO Modulation needs into my first EuroRack Modular Module: the RED LFO.

RED LFO small

It can perform the most common Modulation Tasks:

  • Ramp Up
  • Triangle
  • Ramp Down
  • Rect
  • Sine
  • S/H
  • Noise
  • Offset Voltage

All the Waveforms can be played with 8 Bit resolution and up to 15,5 Hz which is certainly not audio Rate but best what the PicAxe chip can deliver without aliasing. There are 3 interpolated Waveform inbetween the linear Waveforms from Ramp Up to Rect. Due to the limited CPU the LFO renders the Waveforms offline when selecting another – this means it will stop for a second oscillating indicated by lighting the Mode LED red.

All Waveforms play full ±10V and can be attenuated by the Level Pot, there are 2 Internal Trimmers for Range and Offset.

Nice extra and unique Feature is the ability to sync the Tempo of a RED LFO to another Master RED LFO via an internal Serial Link – simply turn the Frequency counter full CCW – the Mode LED will light up yellow and the Module will happily follow the Masters Tempo. You can shift the Phase of the Slave LFO with the Frequency Pot. If you want to leave Slave Mode turn the Frequency Pot full CW, the Mode LED will turn off and the LFO runs free. You may chain RED LFOs for as much Rackspace you have.

S/H Mode emits the typical Random S/H Signal, Noise produces some digital Noise and turning the Mode Pot full CW emits an Offset Value dertermined by the Frequency Pot, all these Modes with Yellow/Red indication from the Mode LED.

The needed +5V for the CPU is either generated by an internal PSU or can be taken from the +5V Rail of your Rack (and then left blank on the Board). The internal 5V Rail can even be routed to the Racks +5V Rail and serve as a +5V Adaptor for other Modules. Theres also Reverse Voltage Protection.

See here for some more Pictures

The RED LFO now will go into a Pioneers Run Stage with a limited number of selected Modularists testing. After this ill have PCBs produced and prepare Kits…. stay tuned.