Little Dieter – DOEPFER DIY Synth Incarnation

The DOEPFER DIY SYNTH is quite a fine little Analog Synth, but it comes as naked PCB and its up to you to dress it – a task that is more for the advanced DIYer rather than for beginners. Little Dieter is our take for an DOEPFER DIY Synth front End; design goal was putting the DIY Synth into an Eurorack compatible Enclosure as an affordable start into Modular Synthesis.

Every Feature of the DIY Synth is implemented, the Functional Blocks (Oscillator, VCF, VCA, ADSR, LFO, Slew Limiter and Inverter) are color coded, all Jacks are moved to the Bottom and are spatially related to the according Knobs. Little Dieter is 40 HP Wide – as small as the DIY Synth PCB allows – so you have 42 HP free in a standard 19″ Rack for future additions.

In addition to just designing a Panel (and the back panel that holds the DIY-Synth PCB) we also made some easy to follow wiring instructions, that have been thoroughly tested by builders of all stages of experience. Although the time needed to build a Little Dieter differs a bit (record is 2hrs52min, slowest was 6 evenings over 3 weeks….) every Build has been finished successfully.

As we know how baffling and tedious it can be for a beginner to source all needed Parts for a Project from a zillion different Suppliers we compiled some complete Kits that contain besides the Panels and mounting Hardware every single piece to build Little Dieter except the DIY Synth PCB and solder. See here for the Kits content.

So all whats left to do for you is sourcing a DOEPFER DIY SYNTH, some Rack or Housing and a suitable Eurorack Power Adapter and you are ready to start into modular synthesis.

We have some more Little Dieter Kits available, both in black face / black knobs and white face / grey knobs. Price is 129€ + Shipping (mostly 17€ international via registered mail, not insured, partly trackable), if you want one, drop me a line at fcdaniels (characterwiththea) me (punkt) com or just use the Contact Form below:


One thought on “Little Dieter – DOEPFER DIY Synth Incarnation

  1. WIP, Teil #3 | chezMüllhalde

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