Mod of the Day: Behringer RX1602

The BX1602 is a bang for the money, and its a very usable Line Mixer. Noise is OK for Live use, so i have a bunch of them (pretty much in every Rack).

Only drawback is, the Send is Pre Fader by default. As if someone would really have the need for a separate Monitor Mix from a Siderack…..

Luckily Uli Behringer is a clever guy, so its prepared to be modded to Post Fader simply by cutting a trace and solder a Bridge.

Heres how to do it – its an easy 15 Minute Job everybody can do. As long as you know where the hot side of a soldering Iron is….

If you dont know the difference between Pre and Post Fader Send this Mod is obviously not for you.

See here how to do it

I am not responsible for your Life, so do whatever you do on your own Risk!!