Its been a while since the last post…. i have been busy to lay the foundation for the upcoming series of modules ill publish starting with TRIPLES:

Triples Panel

TRIPLES is a full digital triple LFO, faithfully recreating the blurry 8 Bit LFO shapes from the early digital synths that made them sound so rich.

TRIPLE offers a variety of different Waveforms for each LFO

• RampUp
• RampDown
• Triangle
• Square
• Sine
• ZigZag
• SampleNHold
• StaticVoltage
• Off

Each LFO swings 10Vpp from -5V to +5V, Frequency is from 0,25Hz up to 30 Hz

TRIPLES is available as Kit only, Building Instructions can be found here
The kit includes all parts to build a Module, including the Panel, so all you need is a bit of solder, Tools and 2 Hours of your time. The manual is here

Price for the Kit is 99€ including 19% German VAT for EU inhabitants, outside EU its 85,50€, Shipping Worldwide as registered Mail uninsured is 9€ (germany is 4€), the first Batch is available now. Drop me a line when interested.

Ill update this Post with a link to the Manual and Videos asap – check back!


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