Eurorack Power Bus Board

As my ever growing collection of Modules must be somehow fed i discovered a distinct lack of usable Power Distribution boards, especially of the DIY Kind.
While you easily can make one on PerfBoard for 5 or 7 Modules doing this for 4 Rows with 85 TE Each is a tedious task.
So i decided to design an 18 Plug Eurorack Power Bus Board:


  • Plugs conform to the DŒPFER Eurorack Bus Connector Standard (see here for Details)
  • Board is 14,8” x 1,5” (376mm x 38mm)
  • 18 Slots for either 16Pin or 5Pin Plugs (to your like)
  • CV and Gate Lines split into 4 with Pads to Bridge
  • +5V, +12V, -12V Indicator LEDs
  • at each end nice big Pads to solder the connecting wires. As these Boards are intended for implementation into a case a plug doesnt make much sense here, your electrical house installation isnt plugged either?
  • first run is matte black with white solder mask
  • nice big Warning Signs on the Silkscreening

I ordered a few Boards more as i guessed you might need some of those, so i have  some Boards to let go. Price per Board is 16,50€ + Shipping. If you are interested, drop me a line.


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