Modulation Fun!

8705602252_d332145c47_c2 RED LFOs and a Proto of the GREEN SEQ (here in black as the green Plexi didnt make it in time…)
all running TempoSynchron, the left LFO modulating PWM, the 2nd modulating Filter Cutoff, the Sequencer OSC Frequency (via a Quantizer).

You cant imagine how much fun it is just to step thru the LFO Waveforms and adjust the PhaseShift for the Filter Modulation……

4 thoughts on “Modulation Fun!

  1. @fcd72: so I understand that the Green Seq and Red LFOs can internally sync to each other and that the Green Seq receives external clock, right?

    Does this mean that the Green Seq can slave to external clock and the Red LFOs slave to the Green Seq? That would be absolutely wonderful for keeping things compact!

    • The Sequencer can either sync to the LFO, to another Sequencer or to an External Gate Signal.
      Im currently reworking the LFO so it will have a Reset on Trigger which also will sync the Sequencer(s). What wont work is the LFO syncing to the Sequencer.

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