Thoughts on real Modular Sequencers

By modular we don’t mean “fits into a 3U Subrack” or “accepts power vie a 10 Pin DøPFER style connecter…. if we say modular, we mean modular.

Lets break down the Sequencer in its functional Parts;  one functional Part determines which Cell is to be chosen (that one can be separated further into external Clock detection, internal Clock, dispatching, User Interaction….lets keep it as one Piece for now) the other is the Cell (and the Grid of it) themselves.

Thus we divided the Exfilinator in these functional Blocks; Command Modules and Memory Modules.

A Command Modules main purpose is to tell the Memory Module which Cells Data should be output, communicating over an GridBus named Interface. You may connect more than one MemoryModule to a single Command Module.

Currently there are the following Modules:

  • The Exfilinator Vector Sequencer as Prototype that acts just as described in the The Vector Sequencer Post below
  • Analog Memory Module  as Prototype with a Grid of 5×5 Pots that outputs pure Analog Control Voltages to a Master CV out or to 5 Line CVouts and has a separate stabilized PSU for stable Voltages (either 0…5V or 0…10V)
  • Digital Memory Module in development that outputs MIDI Data; for each Cell Midi Note#, Velocity, Length, CC1, CC2 and Channel.

We are thinking about some other Modules that might expand the Exfilinators Universe:

  • The Vector Recorder – Command module that plays an editable List of Grid Positions
  • MIDI to GridBus Interface so you can drive your Analog Memory Modules directly from any MIDI capable device
  • GridBus Mixer is a unit that mixes/switches 2 GridBus Signals with live User Interaction so 2 Command Modules can drive a set of Memory Modules simultaneously

This way you can configure your personal Exfilinator System just like you would build your Modular Synth.  As promised; when we say modular, we mean modular.

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